Bandung Berisik 2013

Saturday (13/4) the Aceh Street in Bandung was adorned by a different scene as a number of all-black or gloomy suited people appeared. That day, Bandung staged its annual fiesta dedicated for metalhead, Bandung Berisik.

The Siliwangi Stadium is prepared to accommodate thousands of music lovers who came to witness performances of dozens of bands from many cities of Indonesia; from the bands who passed audition contest, such as Gorila Trampoline up to bands who had long experience in local or international music scene, such as Burgerkill.

In the event, Atap Promotions, the organizer, provides 3 stages; 2 outdoor stages and 1 big stage, Versus Stage, which was erected on the southern side of Siliwangi Stadium.  On about 13.00 WIB metalheads had already been sweaty by the performances of Revenge the Fate, a Bandung-based Post Hard Core, who delivered 5 songs. After then, a ferocious rhythm of guitar performance and a powerful drum beat of Alice spanked the crowd through ‘Kontradiksi Tirani’, ‘Fuck City’, ‘Delta Apokalips’, ‘Fix Your Face’ and ‘Konstelasi’. Although there was a small technical problem on stage, the proprietor of Konsorsium Humaniora successfully burned up the metalheads.

After the break, crowd returned to the moshpit area once the MC yelled the name of Rocket Rockers. Appeared by formation of four personnel, after the departure of its vocalist, along with an adittional player, the band, whose performs at the event Bandung Berisik for the second time, still capable of showing off their best performance. ‘Bukan Solusi’ became the opening menu of their gig. The vocal department is now taken by Aska, and once was taken over by Ozom (drum) in song ‘Ingin Hilang Ingatan’ of album Better Seasons. In that occasion, RoRo also made collaboration with Salt of Syubidupidapap as well as Owank of Nectura in the last menu, ‘Terobsesi’.

After a comparatively relaxing session during the gig of Rocket Rockers, the crowd again prepared for another sweaty session as Outright appeared, and then the band blasted the venue by 8 songs; such as ‘Super Groove Power Chord’, ‘Never Give Up’ and ‘Hardcore Strikes Back’. The superb stage, plus wonderful sound as well as extraordinary stage act of Outright have made the metalheads unstoppably did moshing, body slimming—the act which had once been banned by security force, but vocalist Hardy instructed the security officers not to stop them, since it was a form of appreciation.

Noxa, who was scheduled to perform prior to Outright, by particular cause, had just appeared after then. That has made the Jakarta-based band only presented 4 songs. Even though, Noxa took the advantage of the short chance to burn the metalheads. The scene of moshing was increasingly wild and ‘dramatic’ as well as sprinkle rain fell. Masih dari Jakarta, ada Siksa Kubur  yang terakhir merilis album bertajuk St. Kristo. The tracks, such as ‘Pasukan Jiwa’ and ‘Industri Monster Distorsi’ were included the setlist. Once ‘Burung Bangkai’ was delivered as the opening menu, they demonstrated a collaboration with Man ‘Jasad’ and Karinding Attack.

After 25-minute break, the band which possibly was the most anticipated one, took their turn. That night, Burgerkill presented their hits; ‘Darah Hitam Kebencian’, ‘Atur Aku’, ‘Anjing Tanah’ and ’3 Titik Hitam’, which is dedicated for the late Ivan ‘Scumbag’. Meanwhile, in the song ‘Shadow of Sorrow’a giant figure appeared; he wore the special suit of Karinding Attack, who also sung along. This might be one of Burgerkill’s presentations that the crowd could not miss out.

At the end of the event, those familiar names appeared altogether of stage; Jasad, Jeruji and Seringai, as the climax and conclusion of Bandung Berisik 2013.

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